On Raimonds and his ZOMMERS Brand

Raimonds Zommers is the chef of the "Entresol" restaurant. He is a talented culinary master from the younger generation, has won gastronomy competitions, and has been the author of a number of interesting ideas. True, many people simply know him as Zommers. His surname y has become a brand name that is linked to the modern Latvian kitchen. Raimonds supports local ingredients with all of his heart and soul, and he uses traditions from the cuisines of other nations - particularly that of France - in creating amazingly tasty dishes.

Raimonds grew up in the area of Kuldiga, but he studied at the Kandava Agricultural Technical School. At that time it was seen as one of the most prestigious educational institutions to train people to become chefs. Why did Raimonds choose to become a chef? He says that he couldn't decide between becoming a chef or a carpenter, because both are eternal professions, so to speak, and both demand precision. Still, he ended up thinking that the job of the chef is slightly more "eternal," because after all, every single person in the world has to eat.

Raimonds remembers the first dish that he ever prepared. He appeared on the first cooking show hosted by chef Martins Ritins, and he prepared boiled potatoes in their jackets and served them with eggs, greens and cottage cheese. The dish was very tasty, and viewers of the show learned that unpeeled potatoes can be eaten. That seems self-evident today, but back then it was a miracle that encouraged people to try out or imagine something new in the culinary world. 

Raimonds was named Latvian Chef of the Year twice in a row, and he has also taken part in and done well at international competitions. In 2013, he convincingly won the "Modern Latvian Flavour" competition, which allowed him to start producing beer under the Zommers brand name. This is the first beer to be brewed by o Latvian chef, and as a man who respects good food and local ingredients, Raimonds first of all supports exciting involvement in modern Latvian flavours and the values of Latvian cuisine. This book correlates the chef's experience, and it is an inspiration to come up with new ideas.