Knapas are made with a view to have small starters. They maintain the taste receptor activity and promote a focus on food.
Knapas allow you to diversify your menu for one meal,
while maintaining the vividness of perception.

Dishes of Latvian Cuisine are indicated with latviesu-ediens-white 


One knapa — 4,50 EUR
Three knapas — 11,50 EUR

latviesu-ediens-white Beet consomme with smoked eel and roasted hemp seeds 

Lemongrass broth with red tiger prawn and seaweed 

Oyster with rhubarbs and pink pepper 

latviesu-ediens-white Ancient-recipe rye sandwich with lard cracklings, onions, and fermented cucumbers

latviesu-ediens-white Caramelized goat cheese with beet puree and seed bread

Fried foie gras medallion with tomato gel and vegetable chips 

Sea bass ceviche with fermented cabbage and apples 

latviesu-ediens-white Fried lamprey with fermented celery and beetroot chips

latviesu-ediens-white Sturgeon aspic with horseradish sour cream and pickled radish

latviesu-ediens-white Lamb ravioli with mushroom broth, green onions, and egg pearls 

latviesu-ediens-white Smoked duck breast with pumpkin purée and burnt butter 

Avocado with spring herbs and hard cheese foam

Ponzu-marinated beef with horseradish mayonnaise, shallots, and fennel 

Knapa of the day


Fried  sea bass fillet with pearl barley, fennel salad and white-wine sauce

22,00 EUR
Slow-cooked sea trout with sweet potato puree, salsify and horseradish sauce 20,00 EUR
Fried tiger shrimps with squid, pot barley, cucumber spaghetti, 
and crayfish velouté 
17,00 EUR
latviesu-ediens-white Grilled ostrich medallion with ostrich heart, potato foam, 
marinated mushrooms, and reduction sauce
23,00 EUR
Wagyu beef steak with burnt eggplant puree, broccolini and parsley sauce 30,00 EUR
Grilled duck breast with caramelized carrots, pak choi, 
and cherry sauce
17,00 EUR
latviesu-ediens-white Cottage-cheese dumplings with hemp seeds, quail egg yolk, 
and cheese velouté 
13,50 EUR

Additional offers from the kitchen


latviesu-ediens-white A.P.P.L.E. (from Latvian Ā.B.O.L.S.)

(Ārkārtīgi—extraordinarily, Brīnišķīgs—delicious, Oriģināls—original, Latvijas—Latvian, Saldais—sweet)

6,50 EUR
latviesu-ediens-white Hazelnut dessert with vanilla ice cream and cranberries in powdered sugar 6,50 EUR
latviesu-ediens-white White-chocolate dome with japonica-quince mousse and meringue cookies 6,00 EUR
Dessert, which we forgot to mention



Some dishes may contain allergens.

If you have any concerns, please talk to your waiter.


Raimonds Zommers, Viesturs Lasmanis 
and Entresol team of chefs