Knapas are made with a view to have small starters.
They maintain the taste receptor activity and promote a focus on food.

Knapas allow you to diversify your menu for one meal,
while maintaining the vividness of perception.

Dishes of Latvian Cuisine are indicated with latviesu-ediens-white 


One knapa — 5.00 EUR
Three knapas — 13.50 EUR

  Knapa  “Lielknapa”
Oyster with rhubarbs and pink pepper 5.00 € 18.00 €
latviesu-ediens-white Caramelized goat cheese with beet puree and seed bread 5.00 € 12.00 €
Fried duck foie gras medallion with tomato gel and vegetable chips 5.00 € 19.50 €
Seebass cheviche with buttermilk, red cabbadge and chilli 5.00 € 14.00 €
latviesu-ediens-white Lamb ravioli with mushroom broth, green onions, and egg pearls 5.00 € 14.00 €
Beef carpaccio with aged sheep milk cheese, hemp oil and cornichons 5.00 € 15.50 €
Pheasant and coconut milk soup with fresh coriander 5.00 € 10.00 €
Tuna confit with lime yogurt, pickled celery and seaweeds 5.00 € 15.50 €
Asparagus with sabayon, cured egg yolk and sourdough bread 5.00 € 9.50 €
Knapa of the day 5.00 €  





Slow cooked see trout with quinoa, asparagus, zucchini and horseradish sauce 21.00 € 
Fried tiger shrimps with squid, pot barley, cucumber spaghetti, and crayfish velouté 18.00 €
Grilled beef fillet steak with heart, potato, pickled mushrooms and broth reduction sauce 24.00 €
Grilled duck breast with caramelized carrots, pak choi, and cherry sauce 18.50 €
latviesu-ediens-white Cottage-cheese dumplings with hemp seeds, quail egg yolk, and cheese velouté 14.50 €
Additional offers from the kitchen  


Strawberry bowl with cotton candy 7.50 €
Hazelnut dessert with vanilla ice cream and blueberries 7.50 €
Dessert, which we forgot to mention 7.50 €

Some dishes may contain allergens.

If you have any concerns, please talk to your waiter.


Raimonds Zommers, Viesturs Lasmanis 
and Entresol team of chefs